Greg Warmoth

greg warmoth w toyotaAs a long time customer of Overseas Imports, I am continually impressed by the excellent service, communication and ability to fix the problem at an affordable price. Thanks Alan and your team for your professionalism.

Steve R.

I believe that the way you do anything is the way you do everything and Alan Berry, owner of Overseas Imports epitomizes that statement. Alan handpicked my used Mercedes S430, which had 80,000 miles on it and it now has 350,000 miles and is going strong. The car looks like its new, on the outside and inside and Overseas Imports have kept everything under the hood in tip top shape. If you find a better mechanic, let me know so that I can have a backup if Alan ever retires, because Overseas imports maintains my other four vehicles as well.

Mike G.

I have been a customer at Overseas Imports for over 20 years. The owner, Alan Berry has been the owner for this entire period. And is excellent at servicing and maintaining the various cars I have owned over this time period. They are very good at diagnosing any problem that my car has had and very reliable at fixing the problem at reasonable prices. Their service area is extremely clean and they have the expertise to repair most foreign made cars such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and most Japanese cars. I highly recommend Overseas Imports.

Ernie P.

It has been a true pleasure dealing with your company over the past 14 years. From all the repairs on my 1988 BMW 735I and our 2 Mercedes-Benz, one older model, and the new S 430 that you were so kind to find for us. The repairs are all ways fair, and fast. I know for a fact, that if I didn’t have a reliable service shop, I would have to buy American. Your lead service technician, is the best I see in central Florida. He has repaired my Company Jeep often also, saving me hundreds of dollars. I would recommend your shop to any of my friends, and business associates. Keep up the great work.

Roland S.

Having been a customer of Overseas Imports for the past 20 years, I have had nothing but good experiences when having to take my Mercedes, BMW or Lexus in for service. The facilities and staff have always been first class with the emphasis on taking care of whatever the service problem may be without trying to up sell for an unnecessary service charge. I have always been happy with the length of time needed to make repairs and the fact that all service problems are thoroughly discussed before being carried out. I have never had any hesitation in recommending Overseas Imports to friends and family when they are in need of fast, friendly and fairly priced service.

Greg W.

As a long time customer of Overseas Imports, I am continually impressed by the excellent service, communication and ability to fix the problem at an affordable price. Thanks Alan and your team for your professionalism.

Mike L.

We have had the pleasure of having our cars serviced and repaired at Overseas Imports for over twenty years.  Alan and his team of professionals are precise in their work, honest and always mindful of reasonable pricing on parts and service.  Looking forward to another decade of reliable service.

Andrew H.

I have been utilizing the services of Overseas Imports  for almost 20 years, and during that time have brought in several different vehicles for various forms of service. I have always been extremely satisfied with the professionalism , courtesy and quality of service I have received during my visits , and have recommended Overseas Imports to numerous friends and colleagues.

John V.

Wow! It is so nice to find such a trustworthy, professional shop to take my Lexus for routine maintenance. Overseas Imports specializes in just what the names says. The owner, Alan Berry takes the time to listen to my concerns and does the work right the first time! In a previous life I sold cleaning & maintenance products to the automotive industry, so “clean” is something I notice. This shop is the cleanest, most organized shop I have ever seen! That attention to detail shows me a level of professionalism and pride that I look for in someone I trust with my vehicle. In addition, I save money when compared to the Dealership pricing for similar work, and Alan never recommends work I don’t need. That’s huge to me!

Marc S.

We have been using Overseas Imports since getting our 1st Mercedes in 1984. We are still using them thru numerous cars for the last 30 years. Alan and his staff are phenomenal. They are very knowledgeable on all the different makes of auto’s we have had these many years. I have trusted Alan in purchases of cars and his opinion on what needs to be done with the one’s we currently own. Their shop is organized, immaculate and very detailed. They are fair and honest in their fees and do only what is necessary to keep you safe and secure.  I don’t hesitate to recommend Alan and Overseas Imports to anyone.   A loyal and satisfied customer.